Friday, 8 July 2016

Industrial Uses of Food Grade Bags

Food Grade Bags - An Introduction

Food grade bags, as the name suggests, are used to pack food products in such a manner that they are unaffected by moisture, air, dust and other impurities present in the atmosphere. Food grade bags are Low Density Polyethylene, or LDPE bags, specially designed for the storing and packaging of food items. As food items are perishable and can get spoilt very easily, it becomes highly important to use the superior type of packaging. This packaging ensures that the food products remain fresh and edible till the packages are opened.

The main reason why companies opt for food grade bags for packing perishable food items is because these bags are very effective in maintaining the freshness and quality of the product. So if you are keeping your food products in food grade bags, be assured that there is no question of spoilage. When food items are packed for long periods of time, there are chances of them being affected by mold, fungus and other spoilage organisms. Once this happens, the food item is no longer fit for consumption and has to be thrown away. In order to avoid such wastage of food, it is suggested that food companies pack their items in top-quality food grade bags.

Industrial Uses of Food grade bags
The main industries making use of the many qualities of food grade bags are food manufacturing, beverages, baking among others. Why are food grade bags so important for these sectors? Read on to know in detail:
1)   Food Industry: Proper packaging is very crucial to the food industry. If the food products are not packed properly, there are chances they may get spoilt due to exposure to moisture and other elements. In such a scenario, the use of food grade bags becomes very important. They will preserve the original quality of the food products till they are consumed.

Another reason why food grade bags are widely used by food manufacturing companies is transportation facilities of food products from one place to another. Food products or their different ingredients are often transported to faraway destinations. In such cases, the food products will be placed in closed spaces for days together. As there are chances the products may get spoilt, companies pack the food items in top-quality food grade bags. These bags keep the products safe from moisture, air and mold till they reach their final destination.

2) Beverages Industry: Just like food products, proper packaging is important to the beverage industry as well. These products are packed in food grade bags to make sure that they are not affected by fluctuating moisture levels and other environmental factors.

3)  Bakery Products: Another sector, which makes good use of food grade bags, is bakery and confectioneries. Moisture is a dampening factor here as well, so the products meant to be transported are sealed in food grade bags for their long shelf lives.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Avail Food Grade Bags For Storing Food

About LDPE:

The Low Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE) is the most well-known form of plastic used on daily basis everywhere. In many ways, the aforementioned plastic is used. Mainly, LDPE is used as small transparent bags needed to pack or wrap the food items.

There are several reasons which make the polythene or poly bags popular worldwide. Some of the reasons are as follows: 

A) LDPE is light in weight.
B) Poly bags are transparent in color.
C) The microscopic thickness of polythene makes the material durable.
D) Owing to the flexibility, this type of plastic is used in many other ways.

Various Categories Of LDPE Plastic Can Be Found:

To name a few, glance through the points mentioned below.

A) Clear plastic storage bags.
B) Adhesive items.
C) For coating the interior of milk cartons and paper coffee cups.
D) In the lids of food container.
E) In squeezable containers of honey and jam.
F) Sealants.
G) All food container lids.
H) Toys.
I) Coverings of wire.
J) Cling film or shrink wrap.


What Are The Functions And Benefits Of LDPE poly bags?

There are countless benefits of using LDPE bags in the current days. Have a glimpse on the points enumerated below.

1) Owing to the strong materials, the poly bags are long lasting.
2) They do not contain leaks. Hence, you do not have to fear about the leakage part. 
3) They have the potentiality to resist high temperature.
4) They are resistant to puncture.
5) The polythene bags are 100% Eco-friendly.
6) The bags of polythene can retain moisture effectively.

Good Clarity:

Although LDPE is not completely clear as polypropylene, still LDPE poly bags possess a clear visibility and can be used for general application purposes. It is advised to mention about your requirement of clarity to your supplier, as LDPE and LLDPE resins are manufactured in many other levels of clarity. 

Good Strength:

The overall strength of LDPE and LLDPE is commendable. Especially, the LLDPE resins such as Oct end or Hexene upgrade the performance level of LDPE. To get the best product of poly bag, one should share the intended end use of the packaging, which can further cater the high-quality poly bags to make the product highly successful.

Good Moisture Retention Properties: 

The positive side of LDPE and LLDPE is that they are potent enough to retain moisture within the package, which helps prevent moisture from spreading into the product of the package.

Reclosable Food Grade Bags:

Food Grade Bags

The reclosable storage bags are made up of low density food grade plastic film with EVA content to insure the integrity of bag at the time of freezing. The company gives the facility of double track zipper to keep your food items such as sandwich and snack intact, keeping it fresh all day long. The freezer and storage bags offered by the company come in quartz and gallon sizes. Alongside the size, it also has single, double zipper and slider closures. 

Other Features Include:

1) The compact packaging gives the benefit of freight and labor efficiency.
2) The quick dispensing design permits easy access and mitigates waste products.
3) All products are approved by FDA for safe food service, storage and handling purposes.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ldpe Bags For Tablets & Capsules Packaging

Types Of Ldpe Bags :

Nowadays Ldpe bags are highly used for the packing purposes. It is one of the most suitable bags to pack the tablets. There are different types of LDPE bags available each one having great capabilities.  It is the most durable bags and it provides long lasting effects due to this the tablets will packed by using these bags. This bag also made by using durable material it provides more flexibility as well as stability to this bag. There are different types of LDPE bags available in the market such as hemp reusable bags, recycled pet reusable bag, jute reusable bags and so on.

The LDPE bags highly preferable for the healthcare industry because it has great capabilities by the way it improves the healthcare standards. At the same time, it enables the packaging design. It is user-friendly .  It is the great options for the smart packaging because it comes with the leakage proof options, so it eliminates the risk factors. The bags also manufactured by using some advanced molding technologies.  So it supports to pack the high-density material and it does not make any changes in the product quality so it is the most suitable bags for the tablet packages.


LDPE Bags For Tablets Packaging
The LDPE bags for tablets packaging also manufactured by using ethylene gas, this process can be done under high pressure. It is the recyclable bag at the same time it is the cost effective bags. This bag also reduces the environmental hazards and it comes under the clear view type.  The bags also made by using the FDA approved raw materials, so that it has greater abilities. All the tablets & capsules packed by using these bags under high temperature.  Normally the LDPE  bags have  low  softening as well as the melting point, it is one of the unique feature of the bag, so that it supports for the packages, moreover it is also  suitable for the  heat sealing, similarly this bags also corrosion resistant. Due to this, medical industries prefer these bags to pack the medicines like capsules, as well as tablets.